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Rotating Brush Assistant

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setup-brush.scm3.7 KB

This script help to set up a rotating (animated) brush. Starting with one (or more) brush images, it will create rotated copies of that image in a way to allow saving the file as a gih.

Just start with an image oriented in the "drawing upwards" direction:

and run the script. With the defaults it will create a new image having all the rotated copies:

Now save it as a .gih in your brush folder, and refresh the brush list.

Here is a sample drawing with this brush. The right squiggle uses tablet pressure sensitivity to change the size.

It will work with any shape image, but it only rotates a circle, so try to keep the image inside To make a Colour brush, start with a RGB image with transparency, and check the option in the make brush dialog. For a normal brush, make it a greyscale image with no alpha. White will end up transparent, and greys will end up partially transparent.

It will also rotate multiple images if you start with them stacked vertically, and tell the script how many images you have:

Source Image:

Created by script:

How to save this to follow the angle and alternate between the rows:

and a sample. (I toggled on "Use Color from Gradient" in the paint tool dialog in the lower half):

The script registers itself as Script-Fu->Utils->Setup Rotating Brush

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If you want to create hair, this is the one for it.

Thank you for this!

What useful for me a script ! thanks !

Hello, First I need to say how bad is my english. Second, your tutorial is great, congratulations, but I am cant save the brush, that I have maded with this plugin. The brush is in right folder, but it dont work. Can you help me?

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lol; look at the year PC. 2008 was, well, quite a while ago. :)


Is better register the script in Filters. "Filters->Utils->Setup Rotating Brush"

Thanx a Lot Rob,I was searching for such script.
Great keep the good work

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