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To draw any tilted grid lines into GIMP image.


draw-grid-2.4.zip1.67 KB
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I don't know in which language it is, I can tell you it is not English, German, Italian, Latin, or any Slavic language (like Croatian or Russian). What I CAN tell you is that WOT (Web of Trust) plugin for Firefox/Iceweasel/Minefield/Bon Echo says the site is dangerous and we should avoid it. Just my 2 cents. Only the best is good enough.

... why do you zip a sinlge file that is only 4k? I can't seem to access the tutorial page either. -- Regards, Harry Phillips

... the tutorial but don't understand it. What language is that? -- Regards, Harry Phillips

I have too this problem :( Скачать Download Master

The tutorial seems to be in Italian. Use Google Translate. Set the language to "Detect Language" and enter the url. It works very well.
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