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This is rather old stuff, I was looking for an easy way to create html templates in an easy but open source kind of way. It is a perl-fu plugin for Gimp which allows you to draw your template as a multi-layered image, then automatically export it to html + individual png files. It was originally written for Gimp v.1, but it seems to work fine with Gimp v.2

# AUTHOR: Michael K. Nacos
# DESCRIPTION: perl-fu plugin for gimp which converts a multi-layered
# image to an html template + corresponding png images
# DEPENDENCIES: you need gimp, perl (doh!) and the Gimp::Perl module
# INSTALL: satisfy the above, then place script in ~/.gimp plug-ins dir
# USAGE: start by creating a new image (e.g. 1024x76 8) and adding all
# individual decorative elements in individual transparent gimp layers
# each layer will be converted to a separate png file with the same
# name as the gimp layer, size cropped to a minimum
# an appropriate html file with individual div blocks and css positioning
# will be automatically created
# KNOWN BUGS: you have to save at least once the layered file (.xcf)
# before application of this script. images are deposited in the dir
# you select but html file is deposited in the directory gimp runs in
# (this is not a problem if you cd to the directory you want before running
# gimp from the command line. in gimp 2 you may not undo the flatten
# operation after this script completes.
# DISCLAIMER: this is an old file. it works for me! please don’t flame.

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Ok, libgimp-perl is required but the script crashes with "Plug-In 'gimp-to-css' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups." :(

Cool stuff, i got the same idea and the plan to develop such thing in python. May it would be better to register the Script in "/Filters/Web" :) I can't get it runniong on Ubuntu 8.04 using Gimp 2.45 :(
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