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Missing jpeg.exe from Gimp 2.o

Worked for about 6 hours. Learning. Saved file with .xcf, resaved it back. 5 hours - i can't save my .jph files because: "you are missing from library a plug-in named jpeg.exe." The Gimm Plugin Registry' search has "no such file." Any suggestions. Thanks.

jpeg .exe is included if you missed you may have downloaded a corrupt installer (may happen for issues during downloading) Anyway Gimp 2.0 is quite old you may better get the new version NOTE do not try to UPgrade or overwrite old files with a new installer BUT 1 Unistall old gimp 2 then search FOR XP C:/Documents and Settings/ YOUR NAME/.gimp FOR VISTA C:/Users/ YOUR NAME/.gimp and delete the ".gimp" folder (there preference as saved but with preference you may save the old problem...better delete all) And just reinstall
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