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Soft focus

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soft_focus.scm3.43 KB

This script simulates the effect of a soft focus.


Soft focus effect - Before


Soft focus effect - After

A tutorial on how to use this is coming soon.

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Thank you for some really helpful and useful plug ins for GIMP. I find a lot of yours are practical and worth picking up!!!

Looks great, unfortunately it doesn't work for me... I'm getting the following error message: Error while executing (script-fu-soft-focus 1 2 24 34) Error: eval: unbound variable: setBrush I have gimp 2.4.6. Any idea? Thx. Ced

The "setBrush" section was me trying get the script to set the brush to the Paintbrush and a opacity. I have removed all of that code because I could not get it to work. -- Regards, Harry Phillips
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