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This plug-in enables you to use the vast number of existing filters made for Photoshop's Filter Factory as well as create new effects without having to go through the process of learning how to write plug-ins for The Gimp first.
Originally written by Jens Restemeier for Gimp 1.x back in 1997, this plug-in has now been updated for use with Gimp 2.x.
Project homepage is at
You can find lots of free FF filters that can be imported into User Filter at
A programming guide to the original FF for Photoshop can be found at

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ok! I got the right package now, and I have set it all up. Gimp is linked to the plugin exe, and i linked the plugin to all of the other folders (except the help folder) in the original folder.

The only thing I want to know now is: how do I convert other formats to the .guf format with the .exe's?
I do have the plugin linked to both the folder with .exe's and the .guf folder. (just cant figure out the converter)

hy sorry i was offline for a few days i notice the messages only now

the 2 utility included are command line tools, and honestly i don't like much work with command line on Windows ( i don't like much in general but on linux i can manage to do)
Anyway the developer's notes on how use that tools should be included in my packadge

But are also included the Filtor factory filter we may found, already converted
i doubt there is something left to convert

but you may have missed a important point, the app convert the Filter Factory CODES in a different format that that the Gimp plugin may run

But could not convert COMPILED PLUGIN as usually are the 8bf

Most of the more recent PS compatible plugin are created with FILTER MEISTER , and that tool include options to hide the code, so would be not only illegal but also very very difficult obtain the code of that filter

and anyway the sintax used by Filter Meister even if derived from that of filter factory is not the same, and the difference make impossible convert them

I cannot advise past the installation. There should be documentation on the conversion of filters somewhere, maybe PC or someone else can advise. But to get the filters showing within the Filter Factory plug-in you need to point to them in the filter directories tab.

It is very hard guess the order of those messages..

Anyway in few words all the filters Compiled with Filter Meister (Cybia,Medhi, VirtualPhotographer, Xero, Simpel Filter...) can't be opened with any other tools.

Most can be USED in Gimp with PSPI plugin...but the code remain hidden, that is a feature requested by the Filter Meister clients

You may found digging on the FM maillist and Wiki several examples, even (few)complete filters codes but anyway to compile that you will need...a copy of FM (that is a commercial, even if cheap SW )

Then the sintax of FM is not so much different from that of GUF so you may even successfully "translate" that sample in GUF, but in case you have to do manually ... simply is not possible do something as that automatically

It is almost the same for compiled Filter Factory Filter...there were utilities to "decompile" filter factory filter they could be still available and maybe even work

But again Francois already converted in GUF all possible FIlter Factory filter..more then 3000!
In the while maybe were created a few new filter with that language..but i doubt more then a dozen

I doubt will be worth try to decompile them...and in case the best way will be just send a mail to their creators asking if are willing to share the codes (they may say yes or not but they will not bite )

So, I was trying this whole time to open a photoshop plugin called "seamless workshop" in Gimp. I am trying to make seamless textures of my own, but for now I have to settle for Genetica Reader, which comes with its own non-editable presets (you can adjust layer and color settings but nothing else). This is extremely inconvenient, so I went and I found this photoshop plugin, and that's what I'm trying to read. If this plugin can't read that one (lol) then I wasted my time. I don't mind wasting my time, but if anyone else can find that plugin and figure out how to translate it, that would be great (I got rid of it after trying a hundred different ways to get it working in GIMP using whatever I could find on the internets).

@Soccermiles - just wanted to confirm that the redfield seamless workshop plugin works fine in gimp on windows using the PSPI plugin.

-Rob A>

The preview may be a problem with that kind of PS plugin usually is screwde up

I'm using the PSPI with the Redfield plug-in and its working just fine. No problems using most of my PS plugins with the exception of one, Artshop cartoon filter.

I didn't check lately i had often preview problems with PS plugin in Gimp
(not with all but with the majority )

If so easy to solve

Just get Xnview ( or Irfanview both are free and support PS plugin..better of what you may hope with Gimp
(PS plugin in Gimp have aoften the problem of a crappy ,often almost unusable preview )


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