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This plug-in enables you to use the vast number of existing filters made for Photoshop's Filter Factory as well as create new effects without having to go through the process of learning how to write plug-ins for The Gimp first.
Originally written by Jens Restemeier for Gimp 1.x back in 1997, this plug-in has now been updated for use with Gimp 2.x.
Project homepage is at
You can find lots of free FF filters that can be imported into User Filter at
A programming guide to the original FF for Photoshop can be found at

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Francois Collard compiled for Windows xp Vista, and converted 1500 FF filters I add some note on how install and use on windows and i am mirroring here Maybe you will like include the link (or the whole pack ) on the project page on sourceforge about the renaming i hope you understand my intention: give a name more related to the plugin function to make search easier, here on the registry, with search engine as Goggle or even in the gimp menu Is very hard search successfully something strictly related with Filter Factory if is called "user Filter" And its a pity because is a excellent plugin , even much more flexible and complete of what i may did a amazing

Ok, so I figured out where to put the .exe, but now I can't figure out how to import .8bf and other filter files. I don't know where to put those other .exe files to get this to work. I added the directory where I had all the .8bf files and they didn't show up on the list of filters. How do I import them?

Also, what do we do with these .h files? i didn't see them in the other release...

All you need to do is point your plug-in folder in Preferences to the recommended folder as indicated by the html, pdf, and screenshots located in the "How To Install" folder. You don't need to add any other directories, etc. Just download the zip, extract and store the zip wherever you want, then point to correct folder in Edit - Preferences - Folders - Plug-ins as was indicated.

Are you able to open Factory Filter from Filters/Generic?

ok, so I got it working the way you said to, but I don't know how to convert .8bf files, for example, into the user filter's format. I try running those .exe files and if it is in the old directory, it comes up with an error message saying it's missing libgimpsomethingorother.dll, and when I have it in the same directory as that .dll, it just kind of flashes a command prompt for an instant and cut off. I also tried click-dragging the .8bf file onto the .exe to "open with" but that did the same.

The plug-in is menu driven, you don't need to be moving files or clicking on .exe files. You risk compromising the integrity of your files by doing that. People (new users specifically) make the mistake in thinking that all exe files require clicking to open. In the case of GIMP plug-ins, unless it's stand-alone app software, no clicking is necessary.

It's the only compiled version I know of, and it's working for me in GIMP 2.6.8 in Win 7, Vista, and XP.

Once you get it installed correctly and can find and open it from Filters/Generic - you then have to open it and point the User Filter console to the filter directories (including the guf folder that came with the zip and any other folder on your local machine that contain compatible filters)

I didn't have a folder with .guf files in it, but there were folders with things like 8bf2guf.1 and 8bf2guf.5 and also 8bf2guf.exe. I pointed it to all of those folders. I still don't understand how to import 8bf and other filter files.

Download the filter factory plug-in on Photocomix's deviantart site and give it a shot. Follow the instructions in the how to install folder.

how i can convert those files. Thanks for the help. Everything else is linked up and ready, so if anyone who knows about this can help, that would be great. =)

Check out the programming guide here:


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