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Hi there!
Is there a simple way, how I can generate a Plugin from a Linuxscript, which is programmed in Perl (EXIFtool) ?


... on what u call "simple". If u want a gui saying


Run program _________________

[X] give it the parameters it needs

[X] do with its output what i expect


i'm afraid the answer would be "nope".

But if you know a bit 'bout programming, "simple" could mean "write a lil perl-plugin"... Like, if u wanna see some more EXIF-info than gimp provides, something like



use Gimp qw(:auto __ N_); use Gimp::Fu; use Gimp::Util;



  N_"Show some EXIF-Info",

  N_"Show some EXIF-Info",

  "Themroc", "Themroc/Public Domain", "2008-05-29",

  N_"/Xtns/Info/EXIF info...",



    [PF_STRING, "filename", N_"Name of file to read", ""],


  sub {

    local($filename)= @_;

    gimp_message(`exiftool $filename`);



exit main;


=head1 Whats this?

It should show some EXIF-Info



might (i've not tested it) do the trick. Of course, such a thing would be rather lame, i for one would prefer a "show all EXIF-Data"-button in the preview pane, but that might require some c (or whatever language gimp is written in) programming with loooong compiler runs and is simply not what i would call "simple".


I haven't tried it yet, and I would also prefer a Button in the preview pane, and perhaps a plugin-configuration ,where to choose which information should be printet. But, as i was afraid of, it would take a lot of programming. And I simply don't know how to do that, or where to get the time to learn this. But thanks anyway. Patrick
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