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Separate+ is the plug-in package that provides some useful color-management functions for the GIMP.

RGB to CMYK conversion / Softproofing plug-in (improved version of Alastair M. Robinson's "Separate" plug-in)
RGB to RGB conversion / Profile management plug-in
separate_import (bonus)
CMYK TIFF import plug-in which generates the pseudo-composite image

Current release: version 0.5.8 released at November 9,2010

To find the older release, please visit SourceForge.JP download page.

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I've used this plugin times ago, i have a calibrated monitor and all i have to say is that the colours are not the same... they are noticeably darker.

Best results are with krita (i use it just to convert in CMYK) and gs (command line).

i'm a new user if linux, I don't understand very well if I have to execute any script or write on the terminal, Please help, sorry about my english

I run Win7 (64-bit), GIMP 2.8 (not sure if 32/64-bit).

Installed "" (as in unzip, copy 3 exe's to plug-in dir - so easy; to find plug-in dir: Edit - Preferences, Folder - Plug-ins).

Then I got "libtiff3.dll missing when using Separate+ plug-in for GIMP 2.8". To resolve, search for "libtiff3.dll separate+", click the link, download the dll and put in "GIMP 2\bin" (notice the libtiff-3.dll?).

Thanks to the writers of Separate+ and Little CMS! Thanks to Seth Killey!

Yeah, everything would be great if only I could know how to install this thing! Do you expect me to copy each file manually? Have you heard about self-installing packages? And obviously, the readme file is a big unreadble wall of text. Do you really think this is a definition of "user friendly"? For god's sake, make it easier!

Quote . Do you really think this is a definition of "user friendly"?

who defined the plugin "user friendly" ? i never saw such claim for this plugin
In this case is the turn for the users to be friendly reading the README file before complain

You complain that there is too much to read in the readme but that means that is detailed , and so more chances to find there the information you need

And about self extracting packages, your request is sort of funny :
You didn't even say what Linux distro or Mac or Windows version you use , but you pretend a self-extracting package for it

Mr. Yamakawa, the creator of one of the greatest plugins for GIMP, must feel really ashamed for making you suffer, Your Majesty!
What planet are you from? If you can't even take the pains of reading installation instructions in the readme file, how in the world are you going to successfully use it? It involves understanding of certain things, hence, even more reading. And finally, do you think that your demands made in inappropriate manner is a definition of "gratitude" to people who spend countless (unpaid) hours of their free time developing FREE software at your service? O tempora, o mores!

Don't get me wrong - I think this is awesome software for the price, and I think any complaints are off the mark.

However, the documentation here is a joke.

Is there a wiki people can edit and then reference? I found a great blog post that's really helpful for Windows users - - sure would be nice if I could find that sort of info here on the "GIMP plugin registry," which seems inadequate considering it's name.

I'm just saying...documentation isn't a privilege. Something simple like "Copy these 3 files here, copy this file here" is all we're really talking about adding. Is that so hard? (NOTE: My readme is in Japanese)

Beta 0.5.8 works fine in Gentoo Linux.
Installation using make and make install was easy.
Thanks yam.

This either doesn't work in Linux, or doesn't work at all, or really needs instructions:

Using Gimp 2.6 in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS & the matching Separate+ from the Ubuntu repos.

Adobe's ICC files are not recognized after installing to both the recommended locations (local & system).

Without installing the ICC files, the plugin goes through the motions & creates 4 layers CMY might be valid, but the black layer is nothing but a black square in the upper lefthand corner.


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