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"Google Logo" Script

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This script creates shiny-looking 3D logos, similar to that of a well-known search engine.

The original script lives under Filters → Alpha to Logo → Google Effect. It creates a 3D logo from an existing image. For example, this:
Martin Ultima
Turns into this:
Martin Ultima

Because the original script DOES NOT generate the logo text, the updated version of this script includes a new feature, under Xtns → Logos → Google Logo, which creates a new logo from scratch. However, for complicated effects like the above, you’ll probably have to draw/colorize the text manually and use the old script.

I also created a pair of gradients containing the “official” logo colors. One of these gradients has them evenly distributed, while the other is specifically proportioned to create – erm – that logo. You can use these with the new logo generator (or any other gradient of your choice).

NOTE: This is my first GIMP script, and it’s also been a while since I had time to really play with GIMP. The logo generation isn’t perfect, in particular it’s not dark enough in the dark parts on the letters. If anyone has any tips (or better yet, a patch) please feel free to send it to me. (E-mail address is in source file.)

More information and tips are available from, which also discusses how to do all this stuff “by hand”.

Developed and tested on GIMP 2.4. I’m too lazy to GPL this, so I’ll consider this script’s source to be in the public domain.

I accept no responsibility for how you use/abuse this script, and if in doubt I claim fair use.


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