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Okay, so I was trying out this tutorial called '"smart" sharpening' and one of the first steps is to go to Image -> Mode -> Decompose, and then select LAB or HSV, but I don't have an 'decompose' option. I looked through the plug-ins but there's nothing about compose/decompose. I have the newest version of gimp, I think. It just says GIMP 2. But anyway, I have no idea about this kind of thing. Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated! Thank you ahead of time!


must be a typo the first step is Colors/Component/decompose and to recompose Colors/Component/Recompose

Ah. Thank you! I suppose I should've looked around in the other tabs.

im having this same problem. I go to where decompose but for some reason i cant select the option. Its not in bold and i cant click on it but i can see its there. Its the same for many other options. Do i have to do something to the image before i can use decompose? Iv copied it but do i need to add layers or something? Sorry for the stupid questions but im quite new at gimp cheers

I open a single layer color image and immediately Color>Component>Decompose is enabled. Compose is disabled since it requires more layers (from Decompose) to work. What exactly are you doing different? Don't hesitate to experiment more on throwaway images. plashless, off banks of noon

To decompose a image in RGB (or Lab or CYMK) image should be in RGB mode, since you have many other menu items disabled,i bet you are in index (you opened a gif?) or in greyscale mode To fix Image/image mode/rgb except that decompose only need a image be opened.

The tutorial was for an older version. Those used to be under the image menu. -Rob A>
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