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Split tone

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split-tone.scm4.58 KB

Uses one colour for the highlights and another for the shadows. The following photo was created using the default colours:

Split tone - before

Split tone - after

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Color defaults from this tutorial seem to give more pleasing effect.


GFWM IMTB8 Excellent enhancement tool. What would it be like used with each color channel of a color photo. The assumption that all colors highlight and shadow in the same places assumes that the source is sunlight and that the subject has few color changes. For black and white images you have no choice, of course. Yes, the use of other than the color channels for control would make for some interesting tweaks for each of the color channels.

Colors channel have no colors are all greyscale well you may even image each channel as tinted with its related color, but the essential is their greyscale, colors will be not accepted (at least if you want compose back using "compose or "recompose" ) Or i miss some point in your message ?
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