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This Shadow&Highlight script does a decent job of lightening shadows and/or darken highlights in photographs. The UI gives you five control sliders. Two for control of the Shadow and Highlight amount (opacity), two for the tonal width of each contrast mask layer (using gamma), and one for the blur radius of the masks. Plus the option to flatten visible layers when done.

A note on the tonal width sliders, the Shadow Tonal width works as expected giving a wider/heavier tonal range using higher value. But the Highlight Tonal width behaves opposite, affecting a smaller tonal range using higher values.

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Unlike piettro, I found the script works in v2.8.6 but it's nigh on useless. Unlike the excellent Photoshop Shadow/Highlight module there is no preview which is essential if one is to have proper control over the image's shadows/highlights. Furthermore, the range of the controls is quite limited compared with PS's, this makes it difficult to any serious work such as the restoration of old photographs.

Also, there is no Midtone Contrast adjustment as per PS's module.

That such a Shadow/Highlight module is missing from the core operation of GIMP is a significant limitation for the program. If there's a PS-like plugin available anywhere that I've missed then I'd be grateful to hear about it.

Hello! It does not works in my computer (windows xp SP2, gimp 2.4.6.). I put it to c:.....gimp-2.4\\scripts\\shadow-highlight.scm "Error while executing..." "Error: unable to open..." Can you help me?
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