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Gimp Plug-Ins

I have the Gimp program, and I want to download some Plug-Ins for it. There are a lot, nearly five pages consisting of a hundred or more I would imagine. It is assumed therefore that many people do not require all of them, or certainly the administrators here woujld enable us to download them all in one go.

When I go to the Plug-Ins content page, which lists them, I cannot find any download hyperlink to save the Plug-Ins to the hard disk.

Please can you tell me how to do this.


will be not a good idea install all them toghether If was needed they would be bundled within Gimp You may need some extra plugin for peculiar reasons, they may be useful, but hundreds of plugin will just slow down Gimp, and overcrowd a already complex menu. then i don't understand if you have problem to download some plugin from here and why for each plugin or there is a attachment below the description, or a link for the developer page
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