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Fix-CA is a Gimp plug-in to correct chromatic aberration (CA) written in C language.

Current version is Fix-CA 3.0.2.

Home page and plugin download:

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 


i see that the link for windows binary was added in the sourceforge plugin page but here is still missed. Well i add here DOWNLOAD for WINDOWS XP /Vista But would be better add in the first message F.C. Not sure if is simple add a zoom in the preview but you may enlarge a lot the preview windows by stretching the plugin gui Simple first drag the plugin on the lower left corner,then pass the mouse on the right plugin edge, the pointer should change in a sort of double arrow, allowing to increase width, now do the same on the upper edge till you d not meet the top of the screen in this way i get quite big preview windows, on my 1600x1050 screen preview could be enlarged at almost 500x500 PS should be no necessary stretch before width and then height, but i get the impression that on windows work better then the other way around just a impression not sure


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