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GAP.2.4 ( windows installer )

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GAP ( Gimp Animation Package ) 2.4.0 for Windows XP Vista (and Gimp-2.4.x )

This is not a new plugin but i think useful post the download link
Windows users often don't know how compile from source and this Windows installer is hard to trace even by Googling
Most of links will lead to the only official installer "" here but that is a obsolete version that will not work with gimp 2.4.)
James H (see!5nbbef.RAx8aIbO00RkKIw--/article?mid=932&p... )
compiled GAP-2.4 for Windows i'm just mirroring

Link below is for Windows XP or Windows Vista

please download also this
will fix a bug in one of the GAP plugins, simple instruction are included

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I have tried several animation packages, and I found the GAP plugin with FFMPEG produces highly compressed, smooth playing and high quality (no appreciable loss) animation. I am producing a 3D animation and I am so grateful that GAP has been made available. This adds significantly to GIMP's versatile functionality.

Thank you, its very good utilites, now i can work more fast.скачать vista кодекскачать аудио и видео кодекискачать quick time кодеки

what are the switches to execute a silent installation? GAP 2.2 used /LOADINF=yadayada.inf which was straight forward. doesn't seem like 2.4 follows this approach. thx,

Thanks very much

Great initiative very useful here are all information i was surching for. staying alive

I have Gimp 2.2 and Vista... what should i download for the animation package?

Just to add my thank you for this Peter

Much Thanks for making these resources available. I want to thank both of you, specially James for the invaluable work on the compiled fix.
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