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3D screenshot

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Turn a boring flat image into a stylish 3D-shadowed-glowing one.

3D Screenshot

3DScreenshot.scm10.08 KB
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Click on the file and save it to an easy-to-find location (such as desktop). then move it to C:/Program Files/Gimp 2.0/Share/Gimp/2.0/scripts

If GIMP is open, it will need to be restarted before you can use this script.

GIMP 2.6.7 - the result with default settings is a blurred corner, mostly clipped by the image's lower border.

Also, wouldn't it be better to put this in either "/Filters/Artistic" or (imho better) "/Filters/Render", instead of "/Xtns/Script-Fu"?
Right now it creates another submenu called "Script-Fu" for itself. =)

hi, great idea. but i've only the top part of the source image in the target one. what goes wrong? any ideas? i'll also pay for some solutions. contact me. merci, denny email:

The script does not contain any license information, and thus may not be distributed as-is. Please do correct this as soon as possible.

Hi everybody, I updated the script for Gimp 2.6. As cprogrammer told us, it was very simple, so sorry for taking so much time! Thanks for using my script, -- Mathieu.

Perhaps having the script execute a resizing of the image canvas/width to the proper size (150% of height) before running the rest of the script. I enjoy using the script, but sometimes I forget that I have to resize my images to make them work with this script. Adding the canvas resize into the script would be a bonus. Anyone up to the task? *I'm reading up on this, but not anywhere near qualified to take up the task, myself. [yet]* mahvin

The following works for me using GIMP 2.4.5. 1 - Download the sbove-mentioned file "3dscreenshot.scm" to the Desktop folder. 2 - Copy/Paste or Move this file to the Directory: Gimp 2.0/share/Gimp/2.0/scripts 3 - In the GIMP toolbar, click on "Xtns" 4 - Click on "Script-Fu" 5 - Click on "Refresh Scripts" 6 - Open the picture you want a 3dscreenshot of 7 - Thanks to cglassman for the invaluable hint that the width of this image must be at least 150% of your visible image. 8 - That done, back to the GIMP toolbar 9 - Under "Script-Fu," you should now see the entry "3dscreenshot." 10 - Open it, play around with the different settings, and there you go. Many thanks to Mathieu147 for this great plug-in!

Thanks a lot this is really a very good description of the GIMP files, i had been trying since long but i am always ended into some bugs now thats one is pretty ok and looks fine for learning..thanks again

this is a plugin i want bad,but i cant seem to download it,much less install it.can anyone help?? catfish

3D screenshot will work with Gimp 2.4.5. This plugin will only work if the width is at least about 150% of the height of the visible image. Otherwise it will show either an incomplete picture or a blank image.


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