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I FINALLY downloaded the GIMP.
Now, how can I make a picture transparent?

I use, and they need the pictures transparent.

Runehq is the helpsite for
Help quick!


hey, seriously? i only takes me like 2 mins to download gimp's whole thing.

delete this post...

If you want to download GIMP you surf to the GIMP website at There you click on Downloads-link to the right. The first possible download is a Windows version. If you are on Windows you just click on this download-link and your download will be served. I do not see the hard part in this. is the website where the Windows version is distributed, but also links to it. If you are on another operating system then you can find instructions to install GIMP on that OS.

Each time i go to export my files for the web (bebo skins) i lose all my layers and my pictures look like cr_p, could you please tell me where i am going wrong thanks... Ps gimp newbie

Delete/erase pixels to make it transparent. If needed, right-click the layer and click "add alpha channel."

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