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Bevel Reflect Logo

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Bevel Reflect Logo V1.5 allows for the easy creation of reflective beveled text and images by leveraging the ML Bevel Reflect Plug-in V2.0, which is required for the operation of this script. Supports both Create Logo and Alpha to Logo options. Requires GIMP 2.8.x.

Download Bevel Reflect Logo V1.5

The script supports Light Probe images, HDRi Probe Images and Spherical Environment Maps. If no external image is selected, Bevel Reflect Logo will generate a Spherical Environment Map from the selected gradient. Many spherical environment maps, suitable for use with this script, are available for download from GIMP Chat's Resource Section.

Due to the number of options on the dialog screen, it is recommended that you update GIMP with the new Scrolling Script-Fu Interface. Otherwise, you might not be able to access all of the options for this script.

Create Logo Menu

Alpha to Logo Menu


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