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Path shape creator

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  • 2014-09-02 New checker: Tiles BDownload from here
  • 2014-08-22 New shape: Ruler
  • Updated shape: Spiral
  • New shape: Arch-Gothic
  • New shape: Frame
  • New shape: Speech Bubble
  • 31-jul-2014 Revision 6cDownload from here
  • 24-jul-2014 Shapes Rectangle and square with spikes
  • 23-jul-2014 New shape ray
  • 2-jul-2014 6c revision
  • 1-jul-2014 New shape drop
  • 23-june-2014 revision 6b
  • 28-may-2014 Version 6
    Two new shapes: Isosceles and Right triangle. Now separates the main script from shapes, the shapes are in the “shapes” folder which should be in the same folder as the main ( script. Add or remove shapes simply save or delete from that folder
  • 21-may-2014 5f revision
      • Shapes
      • Two new: Circle and Ellipse
      • Heart: Added degree of roundness to the top
    • Interface
      • Shapes dropdown list ordered alphabetically
      • Two new dropdown to fill and stroke, apply the selected options when adding the shape
      • Shrink/Grow: Shrink/Grow the size of the shape by the specified amount
  • 17-may-2014- Turn the shape into selection and fill with foreground color
  • 15-may-2014- New shape Arrow and changes in the interface
  • 11-may-2014- Now the shape is previewed in the image
  • 8-may-2014- New version 5
  • Added more control to the size and position of the shape and 2 new shapes: Arc and Polygon2

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