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SpaceScape Script

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Updated on February 21 2009 for GIMP 2.6

Click to view Full SizeThis Script Generates a SpaceScape (StarScape)   a deep space picture with stars and space dust clouds.
You can determine the aspects of the space dust clouds, the color, the image size and the amount of detail.
Works on GIMP 2.4 or higher

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Im using debian linux and there is no 'File/create', but there IS Xtns when you first open gimp.. Down at the very bottom of the drop down is 'script-fu'..You'll see a sub menu for 'render' and another for 'starscape"... Works fine..

VERY Nice, but it did take a whole bunch of clicking on things to find it. ;)

Would it be possible for this script to made where it gives the user the option to create a new image from it - or - to use it in an existing layer/image? It's a great script, but it would be nice if you were able to add to an existing image/layer to eliminate copying and pasting. Just curious.

Hi, am running GiMP 2.6.5. and accordingly downloaded the starscape script 2.6; placed the .scm file in the correct "scripts" subfolder; refreshed the scripts; checked the procedure browser, where the listing of the script is found, but it shows up nowhere in the actual pulldown menus, not under filters/script-fu..., not under the script-fu menu itself. Have even restarted GIMP and even rebooted, but the "starscape" script doesn't seem to be available. Any help? Thanks.

You looked in the wrong places look here ".../File/Create/Render/Star Scape..." And note that ./File/Create is packed with other scripts : all scripts to create logos are there

Thank You So Much. Never ever checked that/those menu item(s) before.

I can't get th plugin to work at all, I hav GIMP 2.4.4

Wonderful! On my GIMP 2.4.5 works great.

Thanks for the script, very easy to use and no problems loading it in 2.4.4 - cheers

I can't get this script to work properly, I get starscape under alpha to logo but it looks nothing like the picture, its more of a star in the background shining on the logo which has turned into a rocky sort of material
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