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Where to find plug-in after install?

I've installed your plugin according to official GIMP help
I'm reopening the GIMP but I'm unaware where should I search for the plug-in.
Is it in Filters? Should it be under Filters-> Noise?
P.S. Which file should I download:
a) poisson-noise-0.1b.tar.gz
b) noise-generator-0.2.5.tar.gz
c) may be both
d) None of above, the file is elsewhere.

Yes, if installed correctly will be under "Filters > Noise"


Thank you for pointing out the GIMP Help | Gimp Plugin Registry page:

It has the link to this excellent blog on "How to install scripts & plug-ins to GIMP (Beginners)"

It covers the major OS's and I wish I had known/found it earlier :)

It also provides a way to determine where to determine where to expect the plug in to appear, i.e in this case "Filters > Noise".

You may install both plug-ins, noise-generator does include a Poisson noise option, so you might only want to install that. No harm installing one or the other or both. You would see noise-generator plug in as "Filters > Noise > Noise generator..."

Hopefully this helps you -- if not, please post more details, provide your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux variant) and the version of GIMP you are using.

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