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negetive invert and fix scrachies

Hi Folks,
I come accossed some very old negetives in fair condision, I'm trying to develope
them... invert or... please' tell me the term I'd use! thier disciption is, they are kind of brown ish in color, 35mm, from the 1940s, I've used the invert tool and a couple others, with verying results. The problems are specks and scatches and slight blurryness. Any links or pointers would be great! these are scanned as .tiff images
could or should I use some other format?

Scan the negatives at the highest (non-interpolated) resolution provided by your scanner to .tiff and keep the original scans in case you mess up whilst editing.

When editing with GIMP either save the intermediate results as .tiff of GIMP's .xcf format.

Before scanning make sure that the scanner glass is perfectly clean and use a photographic brush to remove as much dust as possible from the negatives.

Having inverted the images (assuming that they are negatives) you will inevitably have some marks/imperfections to remove. Having scanned old photographs I have used the clone and heal functions (usually with a reduced opacity) in GIMP to restore them. An alternative approach, that I have not tried, but looks promising, is shown in a video at the following link (post by Patrick David on 5.10.2013):

Whatever you do it will probably take some time. You will find by trial and error what works best for different marks/blemishes. ALWAYS keep backups as you go along so that you can retrace your steps if things go wrong. Zoom in well when removing spots. Avoid obvious cloning effects (by using a reduced opacity and a degree of randomness in the source that you use for cloning or healing). Particularly for smaller marks the heal tool works well, but always be prepared to press ctrl-z to remove a change that didn't quite do what you wanted.

For sharpening I use UnsharpMask2. This is available as an exe file for Windows or source for Linux. The "Amount -" slider seems not to introduce halos as readily as the slider in the normal unsharp mask.

You could also search on-line for "how to restore photo" (or some such words)

With patience and practice it can be a satisfying process.

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