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Creates a new image rendered by moving automata (threads or worms) feeding from the original.

Works on color, gray, and indexed images. Ignores the selection and alpha.

Example effects:

The effects may be extremely varied; the examples are a small sample.

Appears in the menus under Filters>Map>Mycelium.

See the README file for a discussion of the parameters and more.

To install, uncompress the archive somewhere. Then move to the standard plug-ins directory:

- the file
- the directory pluginMycelium (a Python package)
- the directory pixmap (a Python package)

Also, change permissions on to make it executable (as always for Python plugins.)

It can be slow: experiment with small images.

Derived from:

On Wiki, a place to start (although Mycelium are not Paterson worms):

Open source code here: Contributions are welcome.

GIMP Version: 
Code License: 
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