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Read output of gimp from C#

I have gimp process runned from my c# code (process.Start)
When I have a long running operation (30 sec) I can't read the output synchronous by process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
it works only with process.BeginErrorReadLine();
(In short running them both work).
So, I think the gimp process doesn't complete to write to its stream.
What can cause it?

Why read standard out of batch mode gimp?

To paraphrase, you are running gimp in batch mode as a subprocess of your process, and reading its standard output?

What is the purpose or reason? Isn't gimp's output to an image file, not to standard output? Isn't the only thing written to standard output just warnings or error messages? You just want to know whether gimp finished? Can't you just get that as a return code from the subprocess?

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