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This doesn't seem to work in Gimp-2.8.6

This doesn't seem to work in Gimp-2.8.6.

Where does the _gc folder go?


Got it to work

after installing/updating to GIMP-2.8.10. Seems to work right out of the box now. Anyways i was able to connect 2 nodes and add a filter to the menus under Filters>Composed>Ran the filter and got a bunch of variable errors because i didn't fill in any values for each node. I will try ahy again later. Seems the filter would be easier to use if the values had drop down menus for entries. Works for me now so i guess now i have to play a bit to get something new. Also i think it needs more startout nodes. Maybe instead of using the outline logo as a node you could take some values of it like outline width or just a stroke node, or something of that nature. Seems a bit confusing for a new user to understand it. PDB calls would be nice options for nodes also. Click a call add it to the connection and so on and so forth. Just some ideas for better easier use. Thanks for the filter.


Script-Fu Composer is a point-and-click authoring tool

For authoring Gimp scripts (or at least a single chain?)

RAD is 'rapid application development', not 'radical', as in 'dude, totally rad.'

It appears in the menus as Help>Composer.

Script-Fu Composer works (at least starts)

For me, on Gimp 2.8.4, it at least started.

Extract all of the archive contents to the normal place for Python plugins. (the _gc directory also. It is mostly images used in the GUI, to paint widgets?)

Remember to give permission to execute on the .py file.

Note that it is written in Python, the name might lead some to believe it is written in Scheme.

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