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Decorations - bevels, lines...

Are there any add-ons or recommended ways to create a beveled box, line, recessed picture frame and so on. We use these decorations for separating instruments in a control panel and would like to replicate something similar in Gimp. I can't see how to make a straight recessed line for example.

Please pardon the question if obvious, I am new to Gimp and watched all the video tutorials I could find on this, but none as yet on the above.


Stroke the selection with a 2 pixel black line.
Do an inner bevel with a thin width.
You will need to add the lighter bottom color by using the magic wand with a higher threshold to copy the dark color of the bevel.Copy it to a new layer and flip it where you need.
Set opacity to taste.

There is also the bumpy plugin for GIMP.


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