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Comics-o-matic v0.421.21 KB

A little collection of simple functions for quickly framing and paneling a canvas with guides.

This script currently consists of eight functions:

Create empty canvas and Create canvas with guides - create a new image of specified size (A5, A4 ...) and DPI (300 DPI, 600 DPI ...) and add a grid of guides to it.

Add guides (framing) and Add guides (no framing) - add a grid of guides to the current image, specifying margins and spacings.

Divide panel - select the panel area and then run this command to add guides at given positions.

Add guide at a relative position - select the panel area and then run this command to add a guide at a relative position.

Add Graph Paper Layer - add a transparent layer with a regular grid painted on it.

Draw panel - outline the current selection to draw a panel (you can use it for balloons too).


Create a new image with create canvas with guides. Select (e.g. with the rectangular selection tool) the area of the intended panel and use draw panel to draw a panel, the selection tool snaps to the guides (if not select View->Snap to Guides). Use add guides to add more guides to the image and draw more varied panels. Remove all guides with Image->Guides->Remove all Guides.

version 0.4 (December 2013)

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