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arrows creator will not load


I've installed the arrowscreator plugin, and copied it into the correct plugins folder. I can see GIMP querying the plugin as the program starts yet I cannot find the plugin using the plugin browser or in the program. I am using windows 7 and Gimp 2.8. Any ideas of what could be going wrong?


Re1 arrows creator will not load

No ideas with the basic info you have given since its working in my Windows 7 on GIMP-2.8.6. For this plug-in the third number of the GIMP version is important (if not 2.8.6 then I would update to that) because it is not working for the early 2.8 version.
I am only an occasional user of Win. 7 so I invite others who are using 'ArrowsCreator' in Win. 7 to join the discussion.
Naturally when there is a problem with a plug-in the main trick is to have more pertinent clues of why. To have a chance for that in Win., for a GIMP plug-in, I have adopted the suggestion of Jernej Simončič made at .

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