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Help me save at least some of my family photos

Hi everyone,

A bit of background for everyone may help. In 2006 I had all of my digital photos on my Windows 2000 server. The drive they were on crashed however I was able to save to majority of the files. The problem is that most of the jpg files are damaged in some way. I have attached just one example. Before you ask why no backup? Divorce. Need I say more? Anyway, my daughters have not even been successful in getting the one backup that did exist from their mother. I won't rant ;) The photos are mostly damaged in ways such as the top 1/2 to 1/3 is good, and then the bottom is either off centered, off center and discolored, discolored, and occasionally there are 2 - 3 different variations in the same photo. I expect what has happened is that a few bytes somewhere in the file have been lost or re-arranged when the files were recovered.

I am a programmer (since 1988) and I have been trying to find some way to repair these files at least a little bit. I have had minor success doing manual manipulations but I have over 12,000 photos and each one I repair takes between 2 and 6 hours depending...

Anyone have any ideas? I can give as many samples as you want? Anyone out there really LOVE a challenge? Cause this is a bugger of a one.

I truly appreciate anything, thoughts, ideas, and even if someone would just tell me "There is NO WAY that it can be done other than trial and error manually" then I can accept that.

Thank You all

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