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Could someone help me with Animstack?

hi (:

Everytime I want to 'process Animstack tags' on a gif, my xcf-layers just disappear one by one. For example I have 60 layers for a gif and 6 for the color. I name every xcf-layer like this: [fg], [fg] #1, [fg]#2, and so on and so on. And then, when I go to 'process Animstack tags' they just disappear and I don't know why :( it actually worked 2 times. But the other 100 times it didn't. Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance!

not sure

Your colorizing layers are above all the gif frames, right? Not sure why it wouldn't work. Can you provide either your project in xcf format uploaded somewhere, or at least a screenshot of the layer dialog so I can look at how your layers are named.


since i don't know where I could provide my project, here's a screenshot:

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