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Save live layers for later use: library? palette?

I create landscape designs and use objects I create in various projects. I use Micrografx Picture Publisher right now and I set up a document where I store all my live objects. They are just layers that are not flattened, so I can go to it, copy it and paste it to my new document.

When I was trying to learn photoshop, they called this a palette. I think in Gimp it would be something like the brushes library or the textures library.

Reading the user dox, I noticed these layers/objects are to be saved as channels. They would all be rgba since the surround image is transparent. I have found I can take the Micrografx .tifs and import them into Gimp and they show up with a transparent background.

I suppose I could save each object as a tif with a transparent background, but I have about 200 of these objects and don't want to have to open separate files every time I need to use one.


Save live layers for later use: library? palette?

If I understand correctly, you should be able to use "File->Open as Layer(s)" to open all of your TIF "object" files as separate layers in one image (hold down CTRL while selecting your files in the dialog box). You can then drag-n-drop your "objects" from the Layers dialog onto your work image.

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