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Cannot open Gimp

I have been using Gimp sucessfully for a year in Windows. At the moment, it doesn't open at all. It starts to open, then says that there is a problem, windows will identify it and close the program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, with the same problem persisting.

i have repaired it now

thanks gunter
actually i have repaired it now. what i did was delete the most recent windows updates, and uninstall the program again, and also yes i noticed there were parts of the old program that stayed in the system even after an uninstall, so i just typed gimp in the startbar and deleted everything that came up, which was mostly folders containing brushes and tools. then reinstalled and it works now, hooray :)

Search the registry

If a problem persists after uninstalling a program either the system is broken in some aspect - but in most cases it isn't. Or the some settings for the program are broken in a weird way and retained for a later reinstall. Normally the settings are saved in the registry - which is a list of lists of even more lists containing configuration values.

My advice is:
- uninstall the gimp: The next step will remove data the uninstaller needs
- start regedit.exe
- search for "gimp" and remove all keys with settings the program might try to read on startup

Don't know if the gimp on windows saves configuration values in real files, too. But the windows search functionality should be able to find them.

Wish you luck,


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