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Moving menu entries into a button panel

I've tried looking at the documentation, but can't really find a place where you can move menu entries into a button panel.

I have around 6 things I need to do for scanning an image.
i.e. 5 clicks for scanning an image, can be reduced to 2
some tools from the top menu which I use all the time could be moved into a button panel
adding a second rectangle selection tool that remembers the last size used/or an input size

bing able to create a toolbox with menu entries would speed up my process of scanning and processing
by quite a lot.

do any of you know if it's possible the make such a panel, and/or any links to the documentation that describes this
would be welcomed.

my top 50 search results ends out in how to create web buttons and similar hits, or similar.

IIRC you can't do that. If anything you read somewhere gave you impression that you could, please provide the url, maybe there's a third-party plug-in that implements something like this.

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