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I have installed GIMP and the WaterMark Plug-In

I have installed the batch watermark plug-in but when trying to run it the plug-in fails with the following. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am very new to this software so I'm sure I have just missed something.

The error is as follows:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\32\lib\gimp\2.0\python\", line 699, in response
dialog.res = run_script(params)
File "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\32\lib\gimp\2.0\python\", line 361, in run_script
return apply(function, params)
File "C:\Users\Durell\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins\", line 160, in python_fu_batchwm_bump
File "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\Python\lib\", line 151, in sub
return _compile(pattern, flags).sub(repl, string, count)
File "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\Python\lib\", line 242, in _compile
raise error, v # invalid expression
error: bogus escape (end of line)

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