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Brendan's Gimp Interface Improvement

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Update 20 Sept 13: Version 3.1 released
This plugin is aimed at artists using a tablet and consists primarily of two parts:
1. - A function to automatically draw perspective guide lines for up to 3 vanishing points over an existing canvas (including with vanishing points outside the edges of the canvas)
2. - a collection of cycle tools which can be bound to tablet side buttons:
- cycle erase mode (changes paint mode from erase to normal - tool/pointer doesn't change be careful)
- cycle dynamics (cycles dynamics from Dynamics Off to Pressure Opacity)
- cycle brush size
- select drawn area (cycles selection between select all and select non-transparent areas on layer)
For a demo see (perspective component) and (paint tools)

Additional functionality from version 3:
- adds "act on" drop down to allow you to initiate actions on images from button presses on the control panel
- set perspective 1/2/3 point - 1 point has vertical and horizontal lines for other two directions, etc
- adds "operate on" drop down. When one file is open, defaults to open file - work around to api not exposing active image
- adds "isolate layer" button - isolates selected layer within layer group (visible with others invisible)
- adds ability to draw an isometric grid in perspective (Alberti Grid in 1 point perspective),
grid is customisable by size, anchor points and dimensions of the grid
- adds button actions for cycle eraser/dynamics
- added select drawn part as separate function (in addition to cycle drawn/all)
- added some help text in tooltips
- youtube videos at and

Additional functionality from version 2:
- control interface with some parameters
New Control Panel
- set number of perspective lines drawn
- cleaner ui (create perspective lines on first run)
- optional horizon line
- option to lock vp2 to height of vp1
- editable brush size presets and ability to choose which series of sizes to cycle through
- visual indicators of erase/dynamics states
- saves settings
- allows choice of brush for perspective lines
- adds drop down for brush size choice

These cycle functions can probably be achieved by keyboard shortcuts, but my keyboard is not accessible when I am using the tablet...

To draw the perspective lines, run the script once to set up, then a second time for the lines to be drawn. Perspective guides are drawn on separate layers in different colours (blue, red, green). Guides for each vanishing point can be turned off independently.

Any problems, delete the perspective path and start again.

Screenshots (and some installation instructions) available here
Sample Screenshot

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