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How do i VIEW a pic?

I dloaded this whole gimp thing and still keep getting "dload gimp plugin" Thought i did when i dloaded this ? All i'd like to do is view a picture that someone sent me. Im using windows 8. I thought it would be simple,just dload gimp and presto i can see what someone sent me, but thats what i get for thinking. BTW i'm computer illiterate.

Not sure where to start there... I could tell you to use File->Open from the menu in GIMP, and you could be like "File? Menu? 'In' GIMP?". Hard to estimate what terms can be used in explaining procedures what I do without thinking; maybe you can eaborate a bit more to give others an idea how to help.

In general, maybe you should check out some 'Computers 101' courses at a local adult education center to get the fundamental basics down? The amount of time and embarassement you'll save yourself from will more than make up for the time spent there.

Could be that you were tricked into downloading a trojan, see:

There are some site that use the popularity of GIMP to spread malware, and sending someone a download link to an alleged GIMP viewer and an url to an image is one of their attack vectors.

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