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Has anyone else noticed the Enhncement Filters Missing?

I recently downloaded the Gmic plugin following a tutorial I had seen and have been practicing with. One of the filters used is under enhancements called Anisotropic Smoothing. I have been using this without issue on my laptop which is the 32bit version, but today when I tried this on the main computer I have which is 64-bit I find the all section of Enhancement filters is missing from the list of available filters. Has anyone else found this prblem or have I missed something and it is now in one of the other sections?

The plugin version I have installed is the gmic_gimp_1.5.6.1_beta_win64. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The filter you were looking for was moved

Anisotropic Smoothing has been moved under the section "Repair"

Same issue here.

Have you found a resolution to this?

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