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Drop Shadow Advanced

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Gimp 2.8 required!

This plugin produces a complex three-part drop shadow from a selected layer. Ideal for light-on-light text (or anything else).

* Super-smooth shadow algorithm
* Three customizable shadow layers (umbra, penumbra and veil)
* Works with both alpha and masks, shadows are created as masks
* All layers (including the source) are put into a separate group, so no mess created

Usage recommendation: If you need a simpler type of shadow just set opacity of the unneeded part to 0 - no corresponding layer will be created. For example, if you need only umbra, set the penumbra and the veil opacity to 0.


v1.03: Much faster smoothing approach; Umbra/penumbra and veil colors now are selected with the color selection dialog
v1.02: Added "Move the source layer into the group" (off by default) and "Flatten the group" (on by default)
v1.01: The filter moved to "Filter/Light and Shadow" (thanks to Rod)
v1.0: Initial release

Q: I don't need another plugin of this kind, there's enough made already.
A: Very well.
Q: This is not a real plugin, just a bunch of simple actions, I can do those manually.
A: Very well.
Q: Your plugin doesn't have an option A and does B in a C-poor manner.
A: Very well.
Q: Your plugin sucks because it does little and does little good.
A: Very well.
Q: ???
A: Profit.

Written in Python. Download, rename (remove the .txt extension), put it to ~/.gimp-[version]/plug-ins and make it executable (chmod 755). Run from Filter > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow Advanced...

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