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Permute Layer Groups

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Lets say you have an image in gimp with the following layer layout:

  • A
  • B -> 1, 2, 3, 4
  • C -> 1, 2, 3
  • D

You want to export all combinations of the layers grouped up in the layer groups, but it would be pretty tedious to do so. With the plugin, you can export these combinations much more easily since the process will be automated.

Examples of the layer combinations outputted:

  • A B1 C1 D
  • A B1 C2 D
  • A B1 C3 D
  • A B2 C1 D

And so on.
Or if words don't suffice:
Prepared image:  photo permute-layer-groups-ui_zps16c192b2.png

Output:  photo permute-layer-groups-output_zpse01a845c.png

And some advanced usage available in the 0.3 version (where the layer names generated by the plugin when computing all the possibilities are being done):
 photo permute-layer-groups-advanced-formatting_zpsec5d3370.png

Latest version: 0.3

  • Does this need an external source code repository like github?
  • The (prm) and (hasbg) tags are placed in the layer group name. I don't know if I should convert these over to parasites to prevent layer names from getting obscenely long.
  • The menu item for the plugin is File > Permute Layer Groups
  • The plugin ignores layers that aren't visible from the combinations exported.
  • The plugin doesn't have a dialog to control the export parameters for the layer group combinations.
  • The plugin doesn't have an option to treat some layer groups as just one layer to be considered for export.
  • The plugin currently treats layer groups below the first ones as another entire layer to be considered for the combinations.There's also an option recurse the layers in a layer group. What I mean by that is a modified version of the previous example.
    • A
    • B -> 1, [2, [3, 4]]
    • C -> 1, 2, 3
    • D

    When the plugin reaches the embedded layer group, the following combinations would be present:

    • A B[2[3]] C1 D
    • A B[2[4]] C1 D
    • A B[2[3]] C2 D
    • A B[2[4]] C2 D

    And so on. The layer combination titles for the ones that have nested subgroups are $layername.$number of variant for now. Meaning that an outputted file for the previous example has names of "AB.0C1D.png", "AB.1C1D.png", "AB.2C1D.png", etc.

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