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How do I install separate on Windows 7?


I think I read everything posted on the subject, but can't get it to work. Pasted the files in the specified gimp plug-ins folder (which, btw, is not located in the 64x folder list), but the plug-ins don't show up when I open the application. I re-installed it already using the customize option to allow for old plug-ins; no change.

To double-check, I went back to the plug-in folder and the files are there, but the icon looked different, so I double clicked on it to see what happens. I am told a file is missing on my computer: libgdk-win32-2.0-0.dll

So, I looked for that file in my gimp folders and found it. Nothing is missing, but I am going crazy! I am trying to finish a few image files for the printer, and would like to convert them to cymk ... there are a few online conversion tools I tried, but my files are too big for them

In order to make separate work, do I have to move the separate folder to a specific location?

Does anybody have a solution a non-programmer can implement?


Still looking for the answer

... in the meantime, I switched to my old laptop (windows vista) with an older gimp version, downloaded separate, and the adobe icc color profile (and the lcms though I have no clue what to do with it, and only extracted the files in the hope they miraculously would find their way into all the right places) and got it to work without major hassle by following the screen instructions I found on a youtube video as part of a screenshot.
Thank God for other people running into the same problems!

I am still interested in getting it to work on Windows 7, so if some knowledgeable and smart person can figure out what I did wrong on my new computer, PLS let me know, so I can fix it!!


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