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Export Layers

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Export Layers is a GIMP plug-in that exports layers as separate images in almost any file format supported by GIMP and possibly third-party plug-ins.

Feature Summary

This plug-in:

  • uses native dialogs for file format export procedures to adjust file format settings
  • uses layer names as filenames for the exported images
  • supports layer groups and optionally treats them as directories
  • can optionally export only layers whose file extension matches specified file format
  • can use file extensions in layer names as file formats
  • can use layers with names in [square brackets] as background layers
Download Export Layers at:

  • GIMP 2.8 or later with Python-Fu installed

From the package, extract the "" file and the "export_layers" directory
to "[home directory]/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins".

On Linux, if necessary, enable the executable flag on the "" file, e.g. from the terminal:

    chmod +x ""

It should no longer be needed for versions 2.1 and above.


From the main menu, go to "File -> Export Layers...". A dialog appears, allowing you to specify output directory, file extension and various other settings.

Type the file extension in the File Extension text field (with or without the leading dot). To export in the raw file format, type "raw".

To export layers, press the "Export Layers" button. For the first layer, a dialog corresponding to the file format appears, allowing you to adjust file format settings. Not all file formats have settings, so no dialog may appear. For subsequent layers, the file export procedure uses the values you specified in the dialog for the first file.

If you want to export the layers with the last values used, you can use the "File -> Export Layers to" menu entry. The file format dialog will not be displayed - instead, the last used values will be used.



2.2, August 15, 2014
* Changed how the initial output directory in the GUI is determined. It is now remembered separately for each image currently opened in GIMP.
* Added support for plug-in internationalization and localization.
* Allowed again the following special characters in filenames: ~!@`#$%&=+{}[]
* When "No special handling" is selected, file extension strip mode will no longer default to "Strip identical file extension".

For more information, such as the full list of settings, known issues or the full list of changes, read the Readme.txt and Changelog.txt files in the package or see the GitHub page for the plug-in:

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