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[Solved] ArrowsCreator doesn't seem to work at all in Gimp 2.8.4

The plugin installed ok and starts up fine, but doesn't do anything at all. In other words I can adjust the sliders in the ArrowsCreator window, but nothing happens.

I read the instructions and tried other things too such as adding a path both before, and after lanching the plugin, but no arrows show up in the active layer or any other layer.

Any idea's or thoughts on how to get this plugin to work?

Here is some additional information about the problem.

I've just noticed that this plugin works if I open a new document and start with a blank canvas. The document this doesn't work in is one where I have multiple layers, and the active layer I'm working in is a new layer with a transparent background and nothing else in it.

When I open the ArrowsCreator plugin it says the following at the bottom of the window:
"Segment 1, arrow 1: open the path (Ctrl+z)"

What does that mean?
I've tried opening the paths menu, and there is nothing unusual there. The active path layer is the "arrows_creator" path, and I'm able to add a path to the "arrows_creator" path layer, but nothing happens in the active layer of the drawing window.
I've also tried pressing the key combination Ctrl+z and nothing happens.

Ok I found a problem with this plugin.

If I create some text along a path, that action creates a path with a huge number of path nodes in order to represent the text as a path. For whatever reason this made it impossible for the ArrowsCreator plutin to create an arrow. Once the paths that represented the text were deleted, ArrowsCreator began working again.

In short to recreate this problem, simpley do the "text along a path" action to create a path with a huge number of nodes, and ArrowsCreator v0.2 will stop working on Gimp v2.8.4 until those paths are deleted.

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