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Microfiche to files

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I had to scan in and file some old microfiche, and I wanted them in individual pages. So i wrote this script to chop up microfiche into their individual pages.
Put the plug-in into your plug-in folder, re-start GIMP (to register the plug-in) and it will be available under MyScripts.

It gives you the various options:

  • how many columns and rows the image has
  • select if to add or subtract a boarder around the selected file
    file prefix for the saved files
  • Delete auxiliary image closes the window with the new image, with each file saved as a different layer. Useful for fine tuning your settings
  • Invert image colours does as it says (useful for converting negative microfiche to normal looking documents)
  • the file format to save the images in
  • where to save the images too

I have been scanning in microfiche at 4800dpi using a 6" by 4" scan area to produce 0.5GB tiff files. I then load them in gimp, crop off the excess image (the Microfiche normally has a title bar, I remove this and any other excess blank boarders). Then run Microfiche to files and end up with a directory of images of the single pages from the Microfiche

hope this is of use to you

Phil White

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