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How to automate tool presets?

I would like to write a Python script which reads/applies tool preset data. However, reviewing the list of gimp and gimp.pdb functions I can't find anything which sets or gets them.

Any pointers?

Do I just have to track them down and parse them from the stored files? (and, if so, is there an existing Python function to parse them or do I have to roll my own?)

I think you will find that it's not possible to set tool presets. There's a policy that scripts are not allowed to alter the user interface, so no pdb functions exist to do so.

So, if I want to toggle or cycle presets I can do something equivalent by reading and parsing the tool preset files and making my own interface? Except that I can't alter the user interface - eg put up my own dockable toolbar? Is there any accepted way to put up a floating dialog box which persists?

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