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InsaneBump python-fu script for windows

Hi Man,

I am Spirou4D who use GIMP and learn python-fu and I needed your script for use on windows.
I am on Vista and your script don't run on windows therefore I corrected it for me but now I want to share my job.
I need your opinion about this, please. Could you send me an email here: spirou4d at
My job is in french but I translated it in english now.

!!!!!!! ONLY WINDOWS !!!!!!!!!!

My python-Fu script FR Link:
My python-Fu script UK Link:
and of'course:
Your extern plugin "Insane Bump" link:

!!!!!!! ONLY WINDOWS !!!!!!!!!!


Install my script in your GIMP 2.8 plugins user-directory :
1 - Display file becoming by . in the filemanager preference: Organize menu -> "search and directorys options" -> display -> "display hidden files and directory"
2 - Copy my script here: userdirectory\ .GIMP-2.8\plug-ins

Install InsaneBump normally:
But if you have GIMP2.8, don't install GIMP 2.6 when you install Insane Bump exe: skip this step.
Don't touch the installation of InsaneBump. it is independant. No link with GIMP!

and "Voilà!"

Hope that help you!

Step by step installation?

How is this installed? I will try installing the Python script in the Scripts folder, and the new .exe in the Plugins folder, but for users who aren't familiar with installing scripts and plug-ins, could you please post an installation guide, with easy to follow steps?

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