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Does work under mac osx snowleopard ?

I use Gimp 2.8.4
I am working with a macmini with osx 10.6.8
I installed the python script in the package content of gimp under:/Applications/

It seems that the plugin is not registred

Can annybody help me ?


arrow creator won't register in mac snow leopard

Hi Robert

First of all, i gave all folders full read/write acces to every user for testing because i know that acces privileges are most of the case the reason for problems on the mac osx.
Surely if you change files on the fly like you do for pluginrc.

Secondly i saw that there where 2 version of gimp installed under the user library
in the application support. One as GIMP and one as Gimp-2.8
I remove everything and installed GIMP 2.8.4 again and gave all folders full acces.

2°) There are two places where gimp has installed its stuff on the mac.

- /Users/Gery/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins
with 2 files : pluginrc
note that the version number here is 2.8 and not 2.0 !

with all the plug-ins and where i put

3°) I still doesn't see the start-up dialog from ArrowsCreator by starting gimp up
I deleted pluginrc from the user library and started up again, still no register
dialog. Could the version number be the problem ?

4°) When i analyze pluginrc i don't find ArrowsCreator in it,
while other python plug-ins are found.

5°) i analyze the folders settings in preferences for plug-ins and i have
2 directories:
/Users/Gery/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins and
both are recognized by the system.

6°) I do not have an extension option on the mac
just Tools and Filters
but it's a dutch version maybay are the names not the same.

Can i used your python program stand-alone in the python console ?
which is the command to started it up ?

I will try to run gimp from a window virtualbox in windows xp


Re: ArrowsCreator on mac osx

You are welcome Gerard,

1°) At start, GIMP collects information in a bunch of files, in the same folder like 'colorrc', 'gimprc', 'pluginrc', etc...; 'pluginrc' is concerned with registering the various plug-ins presented.
'' at first start wants to register the user's choice of menu path for it, to force that choice on the fly it has to modify 'pluginrc'.

2°) Since our first priority is getting the plug-in to register you should not worry now about translation with '' (the rigth name to use) etc... But later, if its register, it could be nice.

3°) I mention this here in an effort to keep every feature for the Mac and it concerns also Linux and Win users. But I estimate the chance of success low for the Mac.

There is two standard folders for plug-ins in GIMP (Linux & Win) plus custom ones if you have defined some. To see what you have for your Mac, start GIMP and go to 'Edit>Preferences>Folders>Plug-Ins' menu
In my case the standard ones are '/home/robert/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins' for what is called the user plug-ins folder and '/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins' the administrator one, where are the plug-ins included with GIMP.
I have a marked preference for the user one and '' is targeted for it, but the other one have been neglected so 'ArrowsCreator' has an unnecessary weakness. So for the other one it will use the default menu-path in the update that will be posted in a few days.
By default it should not appear under Filters but under Extensions.

4°) Curious if there is a small file called 'menu_path', created by the plug-in, in your folder '/Applications/'; because I worry about your statement: "did not have a choice at first start of Gimp".

Bye Robert.

ArrowCreate on mac osx

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the prompt answer.
I want to help you testing your plug-in for mac.
1°) Wat do you mean with 'pluginrc' ?

When i browse the python Procedure browser, script-fu-draw-arrow is showing up.

I have copied the python file to the folder:

I have create by means of editing ArrowsCreator-0.2.pot
but change nothing in the file because i use the english version.
The program generate like you'r mentioned.

I create the subfolder locale/en/LC_MESSAGES in the Plug-ins folder mention here above.
I copied the files ArrowsCreator-0.2.pot and in it.

You stated that:After an extraction of the zip archive in the '.../.gimp-2.x/plug-ins' directory it should appears in GIMP under the menu: "(Image)/Extensions/Plugins-Python/Tools/Arrows creator..." or your choice at first start of GIMP .

I does'n see the menu "(image)/Extensions/plugins-Python/Tools/Arrows creator" and did not have a choice at first start of Gimp.
Should this menu appears in Filters ? or where else ?

Thanks for helping me,

Does work under mac?

Hi Gerard,

On the attachment label for the plug-in, Linux and Windows are specified because it has been tested in some instances for those OS. It has not been tested for OSX, so I tank you for giving some feedback.

Don't know much about Mac since I don't have access to one, but if the folder hierarchy between '' and 'pluginrc' is not like user Linux then '' will not register. In other words, if file 'pluginrc', created or check by GIMP at start, is not in your folder '/Applications/', this is sufficient reason.

If it's the case: perhaps there is another place for user plug-ins, because file 'pluginrc' is in user folders for Linux not administrator ones?

Bye Robert.


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