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Greystoration and G'mic on windows 7, 64 bit?

Have been using graystoration for a while now. But then i got a virus that messed up my computer, so i have to start all over again. And now i cant get this to work. I have windows 7 64 bit and have used graystoration. I put the files in the plug in folder, and open Gimp and refresh skripts. But nothing comes up now. I love this plugin so much, and now i am afraid this would not work at all. Hope somebody wil help me out here. Wish I could use G'mic too, but I understand it does not run on win7 64bit?

Thank you for your answer! :)

I have began to use G'mic. And there is a lot to get to know there. And i am now looking for a similar funksion who has the same effect as greystoration. If i can find that i will be very satisfied. :D

Honest confession.

I've really not used GREYC much at all since G'MIC because G'MIC pretty much can do anything GREYC can but 1000 times better. When I upgraded to 2.8x (from 2.6x), I didn't even bother copying the plugin into my plugins directory. I use to use GREYC mainly for fake smudes (slow as molasses but affective), but now use G'MICs Anisotrophic abilities whichs is faster and more affective. Go G'MIC and you'll never go back.

As a side note, the same guy that created GREYC created G'MIC. :)

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