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Python-Fu samples

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This package contains 12 scripts, developed using Python and GIMP 2.8, which objective is to serve as templates and as code samples to programmers that are new in Python-Fu scripting.
In order to install these scripts, you must copy them in the "plug-ins" folder of GIMP (normally "GIMP 2/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins").
After installed, the scripts can be found in "Filters -> Test".

Basic scripts

These scripts are basic examples of how to create a Python plugin.

test-hello-world only displays a 'Hello world' message, this is the more simplest example.
test-invert-layer inverts the current layer.
test-say-something ask to the user to enter an string and then displays that string.

File scripts

These scripts show how to open and save files.

test-save-to-files ask to the user for an output folder, and then saves the current layer in a PNG file, a JPEG file and a BMP file.
test-open-to-layer ask to the user to select an image file and then opens that file in a new layer.

Pixel level scripts

These scripts show how to perform pixel level operations.

test-discolour-layer-v1 converts an image to grey scale. This script is the most simple, but also the most slow and buggy.
test-discolour-layer-v2 similar to v1, makes uses of pixel regions objects and corrects the bug related to the 'Undo' button.
test-discolour-layer-v3 is a bit more efficient that v1 and v2, since it converts the pixel regions objects to arrays, but still very slow compared to v4.
test-discolour-layer-v4 is the most efficient version, since it makes use of tiles.
test-split-channels split an image into his RGB channels.

Batch scripts

These scripts show how to perform batch operations over a group of images located in a folder. They ask to the user for the input folder, in which the images are located, and for the output folder, in which the new images are going to be saved.

test-batch-invert inverts all the images in a folder.
test-batch-cartoon apply the cartoon filter to all the images in a folder.

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