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Wacom Tablet Mode Setting (Linux)

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This is a python-fu script to cycle through four modes on a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet, updating the middle touch ring to perform different functions in each mode (eg zoom, change brush size, prev/next layer, scoll). The script can set the correct LED on the tablet, but only if write permissions are given to the leds in the /proc file system (see the source code for hints).
Requires xsetwacom and libnotify-tools. Only intended for Linux.

To install:
download the file, save it to ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins
strip the .txt extension if there is one save the file to ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/
make sure it is executable chmod u+x ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/

Then assign a keyboard shortcut to python-fu-wacom-touchring (I have used shift+W)
Finally, assign button 1 to issue the keypress W. I have done this from kcm_tablet, but xsetwacom should also work. Try:
xsetwacom set "Wacom Intuos5 touch M Pen pad" "button 1" "key +Shift_L +w -w "

Substitute your pad's device name of course...

Should autodetect your tablet. I have only tested it on a Wacom Intuos 5 Touch M, but it should work for other models, and possibly earlier tablet versions.

130515: converted to gimpplugin. Will now automatically restore the last saved state for the tablet when gimp is run

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